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BURTON, Sir Richard F. – Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah in two volumes

New York – 1961
Autor: BURTON, Sir Richard F.
Estado: Bien
Formato: Encuadernación de tapa blanda
Idioma: Inglés
Editorial: Dover Publications Inc.
Formato: Formato en 8°

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Edit. Dover Publications Inc., 1961 New York. 8ºM (21,5×13,5cm) 436+479 págs. Rústica ilustrada en buen estado. Cubierta deslucida con roces en puntas. Cubierta del volumen I con un pequeño golpe en plano superior. «Impelled by wanderlust and the spirit of adventure and aided by an extraordinary facility in Eastern languages, Sir Richard Burton (1821-90) was one of the great traveler-explorers of history. He was the first European to enter the capital of Somaliland and the first to discover the Great Lakes of Central Africa. He was also an Orientalist of the first rank. But it is for his pilgrimage in 1853 to Mecca and Medina and the most sacrosanct shrines of Islam that Burton is best known – and for his celebrated book that recorded his experiences during the journey. Successfully posing as a wandering dervish, he gained admittance to the holy Kaabah and to the Tomb of the Prophet at Medina and participated in all the rituals of the Hadj (pilgrimage). He is still one of the very few non-Moslems to visit and return from Mecca.»

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