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Issam El-Said & Ayse Parman – Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art

London – 1976
ISBN: 905035038
Autor: Issam El-Said & Ayse Parman
Estado: Muy bien
Estado sobrecubierta : Bien
Formato: Encuadernación de tapa dura
Idioma: Inglés
Editorial: World of Islam Festival Publishing Company Ltd.
Formato: Folio: 34 cm

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Edit. World of Islam Festival Publishing Company Ltd., 1976 London. Foreword by Titus Burckhardt. Folio menor (31×25 cm). 154 págs. Tela editorial con sobrecubierta ilustrada en buen estado general. Sobrecubierta deslucida con roces y escoriaciones en bordes. «This study traces man’s approach to measure, outlines the geometric concepts of desing and shows how the apply to different fields of Islamic art. The survey includes diagrammatic analyses of patterns employed in Islamic art and architecture and illustrates how these desings were conceived and constructed through a geometric system and how they are linked and unified, despite a diversity of materials, forms or styles.»

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